Exceptional Results
in Upstream Operations

Reserve Recovery

Industry Recognized

Grand Resources Group acquires operated oil and gas assets in the United States. Our Team applies industry recognized expertise in drilling and field operations to maximize reserve recovery and investment returns.

Grand Resources Group focuses on three things:

  • Acquiring and operating conventional oil and gas assets in the continental United States
  • Applying perspective and innovative drilling and secondary recovery approaches to overcome historic operating deficiencies and reservoir limitations.
  • Partnering with State / Federal Receivers to manage neglected oil and gas assets through a court-mandated process or bankruptcy.


Grand Resources

  • Acquires oil and gas properties in the continental united states.
  • Profitably manages upstream conventional reservoir operation and exploitation.
  • Reactivates/ enhances abandoned and neglected oil fields, realizing significant incremental reserve recovery.

Grand Directions

  • Cost effective drilling of short-radius underbalanced horizontal wells.
  • Applying horizontal wells to exploit reservoir heterogeneity.
  • “Replumb the Reservoir” using horizontal wells to overcome inconsistent sweep efficiency in past waterfloods.


  • Assist receivers to maximize asset value for their clients.
  • Partner with operators in increase profitability of marginal assets
  • Advise operators towards optimizing reserve recovery from struggling oil and gas fields.

Grand Resources Group applies industry recognized expertise to cost effectively solve reservoir, operational and secondary recovery problems. Working on company owned projects or partner owned projects, our team delivers a cost-effective solution to accelerate reserve recovery.

Grand Resources Group is a partner with a strong focus on reliability, innovation, and profitable execution.